A neuropsychological assessment can help in diagnosis and treatment review.

Youthdale’s pediatric neuropsychologists use their knowledge of brain development, brain organization, and the effects of various forms of brain injury to evaluate a child's thinking and behavior through interview, observation, and formal testing.

A neuropsychological assessment may cover a child's general intellectual functioning, memory and learning, attention and concentration, language, planning and organization, and problem-solving abilities.

Children with subtle neurological problems can benefit significantly from neuropsychological assessment. While their symptoms may be less obvious than others, they may not be able to realize their full potential in a typical learning environment.

A physician may recommend a neuropsychological assessment to assist in a child's diagnosis or evaluate the effectiveness of a planned change in treatment.

Private neuropsychological assessments are available on a fee-for-service basis.* The neuropsychologist will meet with the child's caregiver to discuss the assessment results and address any questions or concerns.

The neuropsychologist also provides a written assessment and recommendations. This confidential report is not released without the written consent of the legal guardian and/or the child.

*Fees for this service vary depending on the assessment. Many families have insurance which covers psychological services, and Youthdale staff can help access this funding.