Any parent or legal guardian in Ontario can call the Youthdale Psychiatric Crisis Services at (416) 363-9990, and get immediate access to trained professionals 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Youthdale’s Crisis Support Team assesses each child's risk and mental status through telephone interviews and, if required, Mobile Response. This assessment will involve the parent or guardian and the professionals caring for the child. A Youthdale child psychiatrist is available to consult with the Crisis Support Team at all times.

Crisis Services will determine what action to take based on the assessment:

  • Low Risk - The Crisis Support Team will provide telephone support and refer to an appropriate community resource for further assistance
  • Moderate Risk - The Crisis Support Team will develop a safety plan, provide mobile crisis response to the home, and help with daily telephone support until the crisis is resolved (about one week) or the need for more intensive intervention (such as admission to our 10-bed Transitional Psychiatric Unit) becomes clear
  • High Risk - The Crisis Support Team will facilitate admission to our 10-bed Secure Treatment Unit or other psychiatric unit