Transitional psychiatric care for urgent situations.

Youthdale's 10-bed Transitional Psychiatric Unit was created for situations that require immediate, short-term clinical intervention. The unit provides stabilization, assessment, and intensive treatment for children under 16 from Toronto who present urgent emotional and behavioral difficulties, but no imminent risk of harm to themselves or others.

The unit also serves as a clinical support for some children moving from our Secure Treatment Unit back to the community. Children’s four to eight week stays in the Transitional Psychiatric Unit give parents and community resources time to plan suitable longer-term arrangements.

The unit is staffed by a team of child psychiatrists, psychologists, a consulting neurologist, registered nurses, psychiatric crisis workers, and educational specialists. Youthdale also offers comprehensive medical and laboratory services through a partnership with St. Michael's Hospital.

If you have questions about any of Youthdale’s Crisis Services, please contact the Crisis Support Team at (416) 363-9990.