Therapy and education go hand-in-hand.

A core element of Youthdale's treatment philosophy is that therapy and education working together will deliver the best results. Youthdale operates day treatment programs in partnership with the Toronto District, York Region, and Near North District School Boards.

Youthdale currently operates five high school and two senior public school classrooms. While most desks are reserved for youth living in our treatment residences, depending on enrolment, we may be able to serve some children living with their parents.

Each child's individual needs are reflected in their customized education plans and treatment goals. Youthdale informs parents of their child's progress through regularly scheduled phone calls, student meetings, and report cards. The length of stay in the school program is one to two years, and its ultimate goal is to integrate students back into the regular school stream.

Classrooms are staffed by experienced teachers and children's mental health professionals. Teachers are hired and supervised by the school board, and the curriculum is developed in accordance with Ministry of Education guidelines.

Youthdale’s rural classroom isn’t offered as a day treatment program because of its remote location, but is particularly helpful for youth with longstanding school issues and who could benefit from a non-traditional school setting.