Youthdale’s Sleep Centre investigates and treats a wide variety of childhood and adolescent sleep disorders.

Poor sleep affects a young person's physical growth, learning and academic potential, and mental health. Sleep tests are usually preceded by a clinical evaluation that may include a medical history, examination by a physician, and completion of a sleep questionnaire to help determine which tests are required.

A full sleep study includes monitoring of brain wave activity, leg muscle activity, chin muscle tone, eye muscle movement, heart function, breathing patterns, and blood oxygen saturation. Monitoring involves taping small metal discs called electrodes onto the surface of the patient's skin. The testing does not break the skin and there is minimal discomfort.

The Sleep Centre has published a series of brochures on various aspects of sleep including Prader-Willi Syndrome, Attention Deficit, and Phase Delay Syndrome.

All sleep consultations and studies are covered by OHIP if a physician has referred to the Sleep Centre.

Additional information on the Youthdale Sleep Centre is available by
calling (416) 703-0505 or at Sleep Ontario Clinics.